Sofia University Lowers Tuition

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

Sofia University Trustees recently approved a new plan to return to a block tuition structure. Block tuition is also referred to as a “flat-rate” tuition plan that provides predictability and consistency of tuition charges throughout the academic year. Implementing a block tuition structure also enhances flexibility for students to add courses without incurring additional costs.

“We looked at other comparable programs and found that we were not where we needed to be in terms of total program cost,” said Sofia University CFO Maria Perry. “Returning to block tuition is a necessary course-correction that will be one step towards repairing our relationships with existing students as well as attracting new students.”

This new plan is the result of a collaborative effort among faculty, administrative departments and student representatives with the primary goals of providing stability of quarterly tuition cost to students, allowing students to afford electives again and streamlining administrative processes.

Sofia implemented a per unit tuition structure for the 2013-2014 academic year. The per unit structure had unintended effects on certain groups of students. The impact was also felt in enrollment levels, academic programs and financial aid.

To provide relief to those impacted by the per-unit tuition structure, Sofia has already taken initial steps to ease the burden by issuing tuition relief credits for currently enrolled Spring Quarter students. The administration is in the process of developing a plan for further financial relief for both returning and graduating students.

“I believe that the return to the block tuition structure, along with the proposed exceptions for students who are taking courses on a part-time basis will be extremely helpful,” said Ph.D. student Arielle Rames. “Many of the students I have spoken to on this subject were impacted by per-unit tuition and thus will be pleased with this change.”

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