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This Week in Poverty: Obama's Budget, Your Server's Budget
Just over a week later, Obama's faith journey would arrive at the release of his 2013 budget—for what is a budget if not a moral document, a statement of principles and priorities? Would he live up to the standard he laid out at the prayer breakfast?
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High rents hurting benefit strugglers
"Winz will say they should have budgeted for things like school books, but there's nothing in the budget to save for it." Salvation Army community ministries worker Mike Goodman said demand had been increasing steadily for the past two years, …

The Politics of Budgeting
California Community College students would get more funding, through a new “Community College to Career Fund.” It has everything to do with the politics of budgeting —who gets what, when and why. The “budget as election year game plan” is a part of …
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